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Name:Mr. Repe Suharto [Director/CEO/General Manager]
Mobile Number:+62-812 2626 3888
Phone Number:+62-812 2626 3888
Address:Jl Ringroad Barat km.7 No.4 Ds.Bedog Trihanggo Sleman
Yogyakarta 55292, Yogyakarta
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Registration Date:Mar. 07, 2011
Last Updated:Mar. 23, 2013
Business Nature:Manufacturing of Construction & Real Estate category

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Unixstone founded in 2001 in Jogjakarta, Indonesia. Our products have high quality. Unixstone product line are the product of marble stone, natural stone and petrified. The products include sinks, bathub, wall stone, marble tile and a few other building equipment products. Our products add the taste of art in your home.

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